Abib: A Review


When I first encountered Abib on Instagram, it was like love at first sight. I knew I had to try their products.

I am seriously a sucker for pretty and high quality packaging and I’m gonna be honest, I sometimes buy stuff just because of their pretty packaging. Since I only saw Abib on Instagram and I haven’t encountered any reviews on Abib yet, I’ve got to admit that I actually fell in love with their packaging first and decided that hey, why not give this brand a shot right? Their brand looks promising enough when I visited their website.


I basically got Abib’s gift set - big I, gummy sheet mask milk sticker (set of 5), osmopur cushion compact and their hydration gel.


In Abib’s Gift Set – Big I, there are two (2) facial soaps that are included. The extra soap that I got was free (Yay, thanks Abib!). There are a total of five (5) types of facial soaps but I got two in Grey and one in Ivory.


I absolutely love the packaging of their soaps! it was so easy to open the packaging because you just unfold the wire (i don’t really know how to describe it i’m so sorry) and then unroll the paper packaging.


I don’t really know if the soaps come with a free mesh pouch but I got two. Since the soaps come with a paper packaging, the mesh pouches are a bonus because thinking of where to put the soaps wouldn’t be a problem anymore!

The facial soaps seriously have a divine smell. I instantly fell in love with the soaps because the smell is seriously so good! The smell of the facial soap in grey reminds me of the lovely scent of the hotel we frequently stay in when we decide to just unwind during the weekends while the ivory one has this soft milk scent. I am absolutely smitten. When I buy again at Abib, i’m definitely getting their soap set!


Abib’s hydration gel & hydration creme.


A+++++ packaging!


The Hydration Gel and the Hydration Creme are both hydrating but if you were to ask me to choose one, I’d choose the Hydration Gel just because of its’ light and refreshing finish. The Hydrating Creme is much heavier compared to the gel one so if you ever live in much colder places, I think the creme one would be better for you!

Hydration Gel upon applying and after blending on skin:


Hydration Creme upon applying and after blending on skin:


Abib’s gummy sheet mask milk sticker. I got the set of 5 but Abib gave me two more for free!


I absolutely love this mask. Definitely one of my favorites next to the My Scheming’s black mask series! The essence of this mask really looks like milk and it has a really nice smell. After using this, my skin looks seriously hydrated and dewy. Also, the texture of the sheet mask is superb! Its like a hybrid of a gel sheet mask and a regular sheet mask which I really love since it really clings to my skin.

You can shop the mask sheet set right here.


Abib’s hand wash type W comes with the gift set – big I.


The Hand Wash Type W has this lovely scent (I’m so sorry I really suck at describing scents lol). I’m not really sure but it kind of has a fruity or floral scent? Generally, the scent’s not sweet. It’s kind of on the soft calming type.


The texture of the hand wash is gel and when you rub it in your hands, it produces this thick and rich lather. At first, I thought it was going to be hard to rinse off but it wasn’t! That’s a bonus because I hate soaps that cling to your skin and are hard to rinse.


Abib’s osmopur cushion compact


One of the most pretty cushions i’ve ever seen! I'm inlove with its b&w minimalist design <3

This cushion has three shades (00 Allegro, 01 Moderato and 02 Andante). I got the 02 Andante one. Its the darkest shade out of the three and it suits my skin tone well.


Once I applied it on my skin, it has a really nice dewy finish and really blends well on my skin. Since I live in a hot and humid country, my skin gets oily in the middle of the day so I prime my face first with a powder and then I apply this.


Overall, I’m in love with Abib. I’m glad I took the chance and tried their products! Abib is quite on the expensive side but I think they’re really worth it because aside from being really moisturizing and hydrating, every time I use one of their products, its like an aromatherapy session for me because of the divine scents that are incorporated in each product from Abib. If ever Abib decided to create scented candles or perfume, I’m seriously going to prepare my wallet haha!

To shop at Abib, you can check their website or you can order from Althea. Links are down below!

Website | Althea

Feel free to check their Instagram accounts out too:

Abib Official | Abib Daily