Mozaic Living


A charming café and furniture shop that let’s you try their furniture.


One thing about me that I can share to you is that I’m a sucker for cafés that’s why hunting down new cafés to try is one of my favorite past times.

When I discovered Mozaic Living on instagram for the first time, I knew I had to go try and check out the place because of it’s incredibly nice interiors and plus, I have never heard of a furniture shop that also has a café in it!


I fell in love at first sight with Mozaic Living’s Interiors.


One of the best iced mochas I’ve tried so far.

Of course, we ordered coffee and their marshmallow cookies. I have found my new favorites. Their marshmallow cookies are a must try!

Their milkshakes sound promising too. I’m gonna try that on my next visit.


Can I have these lights in my room?


One of the unique features of Mozaic Living is that all of the chairs, tables and other furniture that you’re free to sit on or use are for sale! Kind of actually made me freak out a little when I was there because when I was pouring water in my glass, I accidentally spilled a little on the wooden table lmao i was too afraid to damage anything I couldn’t afford to pay.


My friends and I stayed there for 5 hours lmao. To be honest, I didn’t even felt that we spent 5 hours in there! I guess time really flies fast when you’re having fun.


Mozaic Living is now one of my fave places! Not only is the shop good-looking, but it also has amazing lighting, good ambience and nice staff. Definitely would recommend to people I know.