San Juan, La Union


I’ve always wanted to visit San Juan, La Union due to its acclaimed title as being the “Surfing Capital of the North”. Luckily, we managed to book a one night and two days trip last weekend!

After a 7-hour drive, we finally arrived in San Juan, La Union. When you reach the province of San Juan, you’ll notice right away the long array of surfing schools, resorts and even quaint cafés and restaurants! I already made a mental note to myself to try out those cafés and restaurants next time we go there again.


We checked in at Kahuna Beach Resort & Spa and we had the most amazing view of the beach!

One of the staff told us that surf season actually starts on July and lasts until August. Unfortunately, we weren’t aware that surf season starts on July lmao but hopefully, we’ll be able to go back in July before school starts in August!


There were a lot of people during our visit especially during golden hour! most people were trying to catch the waves.

I really regretted not swimming in the beach lol but hey, there’s always a next time! plus, it was really nice just taking photos, reading a book and just watching people surf by the beach.


There were a lot of dogs at the beach that day. They were friendly and cute.


A lot of people were also surfing that day.




Overall, our short trip in San Juan was amazing! definitely would love to go back again especially during surf season.